Headteacher’s Weekly Message

I would like to thank Year 10 families for last night’s Progress Evening. I was impressed by the way in which students and teachers were talking about examination success and effective revision strategies prior to the Year 10 mock examinations. There was a positive energy in the room and I can feel the step change in our students. As I said to many families last night, Year 10 are now only five school weeks away from being in Year 11. Summer Enrichment Week and Work Experience means that we only have four weeks with Year 10 after May half term.

I would also like to thank Year 7 for the very positive way in which they have undertaken their end of year examinations. They have remained calm and focused and I have already had positive feedback from the teachers of Year 7 – this year group is making good progress.

My final ‘thank you and well done’ is to Year 11. They have got everything right this week and I am immensely proud of them. Tomorrow (Saturday) we are running Maths and Geography revision sessions and I’m delighted that they have all signed up for this. They really understand that revision is temporary but that examination success is forever.

On a different note, as a Trust and as a school we are undertaking a major review of our curriculum in preparation for September 2019. Next week I will be seeking your feedback through an online questionnaire and I’d be grateful if you would be able to find five minutes to complete this.

Mr Barrow
Ixworth Free School