About Us

Welcome from the head

Here at Ixworth Free School our motto is ‘providing a foundation for life’. We aim to give our students an appetite for excellence in all that they do, equipping them with a set of lifelong skills, which will enable them to succeed in all that they do.

We strive to teach them that learning yields a multitude of rewards if it is approached with rigour and enthusiasm. This is cultivated by an approach to learning that is student-centred and set in a stimulating environment.

We are a small and caring school that sees each individual as unique, with their own strengths, ambitions and needs. We have big opportunities in mind for those that join us.  We want our students to enjoy their school life, be inspired to be inquisitive in their lessons, whilst providing each one of them with an academic challenge that enables them to realise their potential. At Ixworth Free School we offer a curriculum that enables them to flourish academically and which lays the foundations for successful progression into post-16 education, training or employment.

As important as academic success is our aim to develop the whole person through a range of clubs and activities, which enrich the daily experiences of our students.  Added to this is our commitment to build a supportive community that encourages a sense of social responsibility and develops within them a desire to become global citizens.

At the heart of our success will be a strong and positive partnership between parents/carers, students, teachers and wider friends of the school. Our ‘6Cs to Success’ underpin how we expect every member of our school community to approach learning and behaviour. To facilitate excellent communication we encourage open dialogue between home Miss Kingand school.

I hope this website provides you with some insight into the life and times of our school and the founding principles from which we work; yet it cannot truly reflect all that we have to offer. If you like what you see please do come and visit us. We look forward to offering you a warm Ixworth welcome. In the meantime, I thank you for your interest in our school.

Miss Niki King