Headteacher’s Weekly Message

I would like to thank Year 10 parents and students for attending last night’s Progress Evening. I was impressed by the quality of the conversations and more broadly I am delighted to see the commitment that the vast majority of Year 10 students are showing to their studies. Having focused on Year 10 lessons this week, I am pleased to report that I have seen lots of examples of the 6Cs in action; this commitment must now translate into revision outside of school.

As the GCSE examination season is now upon us – and as end of year examinations begin next week for Year 7, I’m reminded of the advice that I was given by my Headteacher just before I sat my A level and university entrance examinations. He told me: “In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can”. He then told me “to never compare my grades to those of others – and that the only real challenge is to yourself”. His advice has stayed with me and I share it with everyone in the School.

Know you can be successful; set your own goals.

Mr Barrow

Ixworth Free School