Headteacher’s Weekly Message

As I write, the last parent is leaving the building after a stellar first performance of Mary Poppins. The show was fantastic and it was such a community / team event. From the back stage crew to the student-led lighting and special effects team; from the Friends and Ixworth Guides serving refreshments to the tireless efforts of our staff including: Mr Langford; Mr Rearden; Mrs Bass and Mrs Hale.

Mary Poppins is just one of those shows/films that we all remember from our childhoods; it is part of our popular culture. Another reason Mary Poppins has had a great impact on society, is because it discusses social issues that were relevant at the time. For example, in the same year Title VII of the Civil Rights Act banned employment discrimination based on sex. A good start, but there was still a long way to go; as Mrs. Banks suggests by parading through the streets singing about “political equality and equal rights with men”. Not just Mary Poppins herself, but Mrs. Banks as well were icons of feminism in a happy, cheery Disney coat. For many, Mary Poppins provided an example how to raise their own children. Structure and organisation first, but don’t ever forget the fun in life! In a time when authoritarian education was the standard, the personal development of Mr. Banks from a strict banker to a happy family man was very symbolic. Tonight’s performance captured all of this.

Finally, thank you again to Mrs Hale for all the personal time she has given to this production; and many congratulations to the wonderful cast and crew. It takes so much courage to get up on that stage.

Mr Barrow
Ixworth Free School