Headteacher’s Weekly Message

I have been impressed by the very many examples of the ‘6Cs’ that I have seen across the school this week. Tuesday’s visit from two Olympic athletes – sprinter Rion Pierre and track & field athlete Marilyn Okoro was inspiring. They spoke about commitment and
challenge and the importance of celebrating personal success.
We were all inspired. Walking the school yesterday, I also saw lots of examples of the ‘6Cs’ in actions. These included: an excellent Y10 Maths lessons where students were co-operating and making ‘green pen’ corrections to their most recent assessment; the school council meeting where students were co-operating and discussing new ideas to improve our community; and the Cross Trust Chess competition where students were really challenging
themselves and each other!
Finally, in his assembly on Tuesday, Rion spoke about a possible 7th ‘C’ – choice and this has stayed with me. Every day we all make so many choices. What to wear; what to eat; what to say to a friend or a family member – and we make these choices often without thinking. The message from Rion was to make positive choices; i.e. when we encounter setbacks, meet all of them with courage and confidence.

Ixworth Free School