Important Dates

Reporting to parents and carers

13th December: Year 11 Progress Evening – mock examination results
14th December: Progress Check Point 2 – reports sent home
11th January: Year 9 Progress Evening
8th March: Year 11 Progress Evening – mock examination results
28th March: Progress Check Point 3 – reports sent home
26th April: Year 8 Progress Evening
10th May: Year 10 Progress Evening
19th June: Year 9 examination results published
26th June: Year 10 examination results published
28th June: Progress Check Point 4 – reports sent home
5th July: Year 7 Progress Evening

Assessment and examinations

6th November – 10th November: Year 11 mock examinations 1
22-24th November: Year 11 GCSE Component 1 (during lesson time)
19th – 23rd February: Year 11 mock examinations 2
25th & 26th April: Year 11 GCSE Art examination
27th April: Year 11 GCSE Drama mock examination
14th May: Year 7 examinations week
15th May: Year 11 GCSE examinations begin
21st May: Year 8 examinations week
4th June: Year 9 examinations week
11th June: Year 10 examinations week

Other events

10th November: Remembrance Day events
13th – 17th November: National Anti-Bullying week
15th November: PSHE 1 ‘Drop Down Day’
30th November: Friends of Ixworth Christmas Fayre 6-8pm
14th December: Year 7 Winter Disco
15th December: Enrichment Day 1
25th January: PSHE 2 ‘Drop Down Day’
1st March: World Book Day
9th March: PSHE 3 ‘Drop Down Day’
23rd March: Friends of Ixworth Bingo 6-7.30pm
29th March: Enrichment Day 2
4th May: Year 10 Aspire mock interviews
22nd June: Year 11 Leavers’ Ball
29th June: Friends of Ixworth Fun Run and Summer Games 5.30-8pm
2nd July: Work experience week
2nd July: Sports Day

Parents’ Open Forum with the Headteacher

5th December: 9.30-10.30am; 6-7pm
30th January: 9.30-10.30am; 6-7pm
20th March: 9.30-10.30am; 6-7pm
1st May: 9.30-10.30am; 6-7pm
3rd July: 9.30-10.30am; 6-7pm

Year 6 into Year 7 transition

21st June: Transition Day 1 and BBQ
3-5th July: Transition Days 2-4